Georgia Society of Radiologic Technologists News:


Awards from Annual Meeting

Chairman of the Board Joyce Sharpe awarded the following scholarships:

  • ·         Tori Stowes                                          Marjorie Tolan Scholarship
  • ·         Carolyn Nunn                                      GSRT, Inc. Scholarship
  • ·         Deborah Shumate                                GSRT, Inc. Scholarship


Joyce Sharpe recognized the winners of the Student Bowl Competition:  First place went to Gwinnett Technical College Girl’s Team:  Jessica Bagley, Laura Martin and Allison Hansen.  Second place went to Gwinnett Technical College Boy’s Team:  Greg Singleton, Jason Allgood, and Adnan Zahirovic.


Joyce Sharpe announced the winner of the Technologists of the Year was Randall Robinson, who was recognized and received his award during the Opening Ceremony.


Congratulations to the New GSRT Board

Lynn Clavijo  Chairman

Karin Kinder President

no president elect

Stuart Bostic   ASRT Delegate (now a member of the board)

Kerry Dunn  Vice president

Jennifer Mashburn  Secretary

Linda Palardy Treasurer

Eric Wondracek  Member At Large.


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GSRT, Inc. Fiscal Year 2012-2013

GSRT, Inc. Update

To become more inline with what the ASRT, Inc offers, The GSRT recognizes membership for 12 months after the end of the month the member joins or renews. ( If a member joins or renews March 15, 2014, membership will expires March 31, 2015).